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He was fighting cancer and only being 3 years and 9 months and 7 days ..
Never had a fourth birthday…
He was one fighter…
And he is my hero….

Phoenix was our first furbaby. As a tiny 3 month old kitten he came into our lives as Butch, but we knew he was a Phoenix – he was special! He was with us for the most important moments in life – our wedding, three moves, and plenty of changes – and the least important ones. He was okay with mundane days but adored being the center of a party. His favorite pastime was following us to the neighbors’ house for a nighttime, summer bonfire! He loved being a big brother to our fur family; teaching his baby brother, Ike, how to be a lap cat and putting up with snuggles from his little sister, Evie. He made demands and taught us patience. He knew us better than we knew ourselves at times and he loved us no matter what. Nothing diminished his resolve to make sure we saw the simple but most beautiful, everyday things. He was our constant, and his love was big ❤

While it was the hardest decision in the world, it was our turn to show him that big love. Sitting on my lap in his favorite backyard spot, with the sun shining down on us, each holding a paw, the amazing Dr. Kender and Crossroads Veterinary Hospice helped us give our Phoenix the best final gift of love we could give him, in the comfort of his favorite place in the world🌈


We picked up Sadie when she was 9 weeks old. She was the perfect puppy and love of my life. At 6 1/2 years old she started having seizures and was diagnosed with idiopathic epilepsy. We learned a lot about seizures, medications and testing. Over the next 8 years, she fought bravely having grand mal seizures on a monthly basis, sometimes several in a short period of time. We worked with a neurologist and got her on a mixture of meds that controlled them but they never went away. She fought every challenge like the wonderful, strong girl she was. But when, at age 14 1/2, the seizures began affecting her walking and mobility and she couldn’t walk unassisted, we had to make the incredibly difficult decision to let her go. She seemed to understand what was going on and even made her passing peaceful for us. Crossroads and Dr Kender were amazing in helping us work out the details and Dr Kender was so caring and compassionate when she came to our house to help us say goodbye. Sadie was the light of our lives and the center of my world. I still can’t believe she isn’t sitting here right next to me. I know she is running and chasing balls and squirrels and I pray I get to see her again someday.



Freshly at 19, less than 2 weeks after I moved out on my own there you were. Runt of the litter, little Mr I dance to my own theme song, beat to my own drum. It was you. You were the one. My SoulDog. My valentine heart. The sweetest puppy in the world gave almost 20 years of the most loving & cherished memories, saved me so many times & even in your last moments prepared me for something neither of us wanted but had to call time. Eternally grateful is an understatement, because the words I want to use don’t exist.

I know every time I cry you’ll be pummeling tennis balls at me from heaven trying to cheer me up, like you did when you were here. Everytime my heart wants to shatter into a billion pieces, I still feel you pressing it together, like “Nope, Momma not allowed”. I will miss you my precious baby boy every day until we meet again, & I cant wait to see that bright eyed goofy little smile of yours & little nub tail shake quakes charging at me once again. Rest in Peace my Sweet Angel & til we meet again…”


Moe was a very special cat. I adopted him as a Senior. It was estimated that he was about 10 years old. He was set in his ways, as was I. But somehow this big orange tabby showed me who really owned the house and I loved watching how proud this guy was to finally have a forever home. Oh how I wished it could have been forever, but it only lasted about 6 years😢. He was a tough guy at first, but turned out to be the most cuddly and sensitive cat that I have ever owned. And I know our pets go to heaven because soon after he passed, I received a penny from heaven in the exact spot in the house where he looked forward to his first pets of the day!


Thank you poochie girl for the most memorable 15 years with you and the memories you’ve created with all of us. You have been the sweetest girl from the day we met and brought you home. You’ve made moves with us, helped your human momma through her pregnancies ( lots of snuggles during naps & mom puking ) and a few hard surgeries where you kept a close eye and shared lots of careful snuggles! You shared lots of blanket nests with your tiny humans and so many hugs from your dad after work! I was so proud you were ours! You welcomed any and all dogs, loved all kiddies and all of our adventures! You really were the best poochie girl. You showed us and so many people what real pitty love is. I hope you’re with your bff kitty boy jynx getting all the snuggles you’ve missed with him. We love & miss your big ole wiggle butt here! Thank you Lola for being THE BEST!

Love, momma dad natalie zach & last but not least Mia who misses you dearly. xoxo girlfriend ♥️

Cali “Chilli Peppers”

May 2009 – January 2023

The best buddy a guy could ever have. Rest in peace little buddy.


Our sweet boy Remy was 16.6 years old. He was always full of spunk up until the last month of his life. He was battling several health issues, but he remained a fighter and a tiny warrior through it all. He was getting tired, and we had to do what was best for him. It was the hardest decision that we ever had to make. If love could have saved him he would have lived forever. He gave us so much joy, happiness, and laughter all these years.

His favorite things were his daughter Daisy, his family, food, the sunshine on his face with a breeze blowing, and running and jumping in the snow.

He was loved beyond measure, we will miss him until our last day on this earth. We are so lost without him. He was the center of my world.

Until we meet again my “Boo Boo Bear”


Today I am sad, but also grateful.
I laid a loved family member to rest.
The sad obvious.
The grateful, well she gave me all her love and loyalty for 16 years and she loved hard.
Our best friend for 16 years
Never taking sides, always just loving.
So I say thank you
You have helped me understand Love
Rest my baby.

Sheppy(The Carb!)

They call me Sheppy,
“Sheppy the Carb!”
With underbite-
I’m hairy & crazy
That ain’t no “barb”

I have a fun family
With a Mom, Dad & cat sisters
And Grandkids who come visit
With treats for this lucky mister.

And I’ve had me some treats,
And some good damn fun
But my favorite of all…
Is a muffin or bun!

16 years have been a hustle
With travels to “there and back”
Just say the words “CAR RIDE”
And I never look back.

Ain’t gonna be long-winded
I’m just gonna say
“Take life by the short but full moment,
Enjoy Everyday!”

Mom, Rhonda, and Dad, Kevin Cushman
Would like to thank Dr. Kristin and staff,
For helping say good-bye to our “Shep”
With some tears, a smile and a laugh!


June 21 2009 – December 22, 2021

Koda was my love from the first time I saw him. He was my joy and my precious one, my shadow and my protector, my baby for the all too brief 12 years I was blessed to know him. I thank Crossroads for their gentle and considerate care of my boy through his transition. He is always in my heart.


On February 26th, 2021 I lost my best friend. It breaks my heart into a million pieces knowing I will never find another soul like his. He was my shoulder to cry on, a goofy face when I needed a smile, and ultimately my best friend. The amount of love I have for this dog is unmatched and as much as it hurt I knew I had to be there for him. I held him while he took his final breath, looked him in the eyes, and told him everything will be okay. Anyone that knows me, knows Atticus. We found each other May 26th, 2013 at a horse show in Corunna. Atticus was 3 or 4 years old at the time. The moment our eyes connected I knew he was my soulmate. This year I had planned to take him to so many places but God had different plans. I love you so much little buddy and I will never find another like you, nor do I want to. Atticus is one of a kind and I know he will continue to be my guardian angel.

You will be so missed sweet boy.


Koda was the best girl and a special part of our family. Her favorite days were those with a snow filled backyard, lots of peanut butter and a visit from her babies, Randy, Leroy, Stella and Greta. Koda was the life of every party we had with our friends and family. She lived a long, treat filled life and brought us so much joy. She will be forever missed.


Our sweet girl Pennie Paws left our family yesterday. She was the most faithful and wonderful dog to our family. From the day we brought her home until the day she left she was a good girl! Pennie was the first addition to our family. She was so wonderful with our kids and made sure they were happy everyday. She will be greatly missed by all us. Rest easy pretty girl!


Unknown – June 26, 2021
People always tell me I have a hard job. The absolute worst is when I have to help one of my own to let go. Iris came to us as a stray in the fall of 2014, brought in by the police to the ER. She was struggling to walk a few steps, cut and scraped with a massive belly and an equally massive mammary mass. She broke my heart so she came home with me as a “hospice” case. When I did an ultrasound to figure out where the tumor in her belly was, I was shocked to find puppies! (Swear words were said) On Dec 1, 2015, she gave birth to 3 naughty boys. Once she had weaned her boys, she had a radical mastectomy…which came back as benign! She was such a sweet girl. The leader of the chorus. The captain of the fun police. She kept her boys in check when they got too rowdy. And she never stopped licking them. Ever.
She is survived by her boys, Barry, Wally, and Shaggy.
Her snuggles will be missed.


My best friend left me yesterday. I’m broken and I miss him so much. He was my first dog. He was everything that I ever wanted in a dog. I gave him the best ten years that I possibly could. We went on trips together in Michigan and Ohio…in the lakes and through the fields. He gave me the best 10 years that I could have asked for. He gave me so much love and made my worst days feel ok. He taught me more about what it means to love someone more than I have ever known. He always came to the door with his favorite toy, even during his last days. He fought so hard. I love you Moe more than you will ever understand. You will always have a place in my heart. You were the best thing that ever happened to me. You were my copilot

As we rise this morning we are still looking for our dear Moose as we have the past 11 years or so. The healing begins…….

However we move on knowing that he crossed that Rainbow Bridge in the most comforting way possible.

On behalf of the Witkowski family I would like to extend my deepest “Thank You” for your professionalism, kindness, patience, and love you shown to my family and Moose.

As these things go we all feel it could not have gone any better, we are at peace with him no longer suffering. The fact that we shared a last meal with us, some treats, we said our tearful good-byes and he was in the comfort of HIS home with his family – make it easier to move forward.

You are a credit to your profession and as future dog owners will soon will be, there will be a time in the future we will meet again so you can assist us with our next beloved family member when it is their time to go.

Understanding the nature of your job is surrounding with heartache and pain – go through your day with a warm spot in your heart knowing you greatly helped this family.

Forever grateful, Steve and Kristin Witkowski and family


Thank you to Crossroads for taking such good care of our sweet baby boy. You all were absolutely amazing and compassionate. Though we miss him so much we have comfort in knowing he in not suffering anymore and we gave him 15 years of a great life. Thank you Dr. Ellen.


Harley was adopted by our family after entering a shelter in the northern woods of Michigan. Over her fifteen years with us, we moved to several homes in multiple cities and added four children. Even though she lived in cities and suburbs, she remained a country dog at heart. She loved to smell fresh air and lay in the sunshine. When she could no longer speed around the yard in circles, she retained much excitement, playfulness, and an insatiable appetite. Family and friends often joked that she had found the fountain of youth. She is still missed everyday!


Austin was our sweet boy, our baby before we had babies. He was the most patient, kind, gentle soul. He is the main reason that I decided to start Crossroads. I was devastated when he started having seizures and we discovered that he had a brain tumor that had already spread to his lungs. With hospice care and support we were able to enjoy several more months with him, including another Christmas. On his last day, it snowed and he was able to spend some time playing outside. He transitioned peacefully in my arms. He will never be forgotten.


Our Boy of Boundless Love

It was the day after the birds started singing their Spring songs that Moose died. He lived with gusto and exuberance until Feb 2017 when we discovered that a compressed disc was causing him pain. He was treated with acupuncture, laser, managed exercise and medication successfully for over a year. This helped him lead a much diminished but happy life. His last gift to me was to let me know by sighs, facial expression and yelps that the pain, or fear of it, had become unbearable. We knew it was time. He died peacefully, surrounded by family and friends.

Moose could not run anymore but I could see him moving his legs as he dreamt about it. He could not play with dog friends but he gratefully buried his nose in their passing pawtracks and wildly wagged his tail. He occasionally risked a brief frolic. But Moose was more of a lover than an athlete and what he could do was LOVE. He surrendered to possibility. He was generous with his affection. He assumed love, thus inviting it. He would boldly sit on the feet of strangers and make them friends, if even for a moment. When he looked up to someone’s face, he prompted joy. People smiled and said “he likes me.” They were connected to this animal’s faith that he is loved and so are they. He gave cheer and hope. He put a halt to negativity. He was a Buddha in plain sight. He was a teacher who lit up lives. He was (the hardest word is WAS) my furry friend and fellow traveler. He opened hearts. We loved each other.

Maybe Moose was a saint, but for sure, he shared his love and met his mission. I was honored to accompany this therapy dog to Farmers Market, Costco, Barnes & Noble, PT, parks, nursing homes and the Royal Oak library. We were a team. Moose never stopped offering himself up for petting and gazing into human faces with trusting gratitude. His love was pure and simple. He surrendered to it. He loved everyone and had special friends he would yodel and dance in circles for. My little grand daughter could pat his big body and he’d just smile. He appreciated massage, a real Mr Feel-Good. He moaned with pleasure when you rubbed his ears. Mu taught me patience on the journey. His life and death were good.

Today it rains and his ashes sit on the desk. Dog dinner time has come and gone. The cat is walking around the house in circles looking for Moose. But my boy is not here to go around the block. He never did like rain but rain, like sorrow, is essential to life. “Be grateful for grief” I tell myself, its the price of love, part of the existential equation. Fair enough? If God has a plan, Moose lived according to it. If there is a heaven, he is there. Some children said “Dogs go to heaven because they are good,” “if only people were in heaven it would be boring” and “God wants company.” Moose is now part of the great community of all beings, no more or less than a human, remembered and loved by many. Thank you to all who have cared for him. He cared for you. As we approach Easter Sunday, in hope of Resurrection
Peace, Ann and Moose

Timothy (Timmy) McGee

September 11th, 2009 (Friday) – November 22nd,
2021 (Monday)

It is with extreme sadness that we share the death of our beloved family member, Timmy. Timothy was born September 11th, 2009 and then joined our family the day before American Thanksgiving in 2014 (Wednesday, November 26th, 2014) at the age of 5 + years old. He was born in Princeton, IL. He was a member of the Jaz & Waldo Litter. He lived on a farm with his housemate, Daisy, a fellow Old English Sheepdog (not his sibling). They were loved by their family; however, they experienced financial hardship and had to sell the farm. Timmy lost many things—his beautiful farm, job, and life as he knew it. They tried to keep Timmy and Daisy but had to make a difficult decision and they lovingly surrendered them to Sandy and Larry Petroskey of Old English Sheepdog Rescue of Michigan. We will eternally be grateful for being the chosen family to have shared these last 7 magical years with our amazing family member, Timmy.Timothy brought new meaning to love, adoration and devotion. Wherever I went—he wanted to be there. He was a true Velcro dog! He rarely took his eyes off of me and with a simple glance in his direction, his butt wagged with delight. We decided to give him his own last name since he had such a big personality. We named him Timothy “Timmy” Patrick McGee. 

Once Timmy arrived he then immediately took over the management of our lives. Timmy gave me many gifts—one is that he reminded me to live in the moment. For Timmy, my driving up Sunflower Road and pulling into the driveway remained the single most significant event in the history of that moment. Isn’t that the secret that our beloved pets share with us–we should live in and for the moment? We shared our lives with Timmy and on a daily basis he made us feel as if each day he was waiting to renew our presence and togetherness. Timmy loved his walks in the neighborhood, “his people”, treats, people that really knew all the right places to scratch, and going to grandma’s house in Windsor, Ontario Canada. He was adored by everyone—well almost everyoneTimmy served as an Ambassador for his breed—with his unbelievable beauty, adoring big brown eyes, big black nose, lumbering gait and stride, devotion and loyalty to our family and his many friends in Whispering Meadows subdivision, Windsor and LaSalle (Marge and Buffy!). Timmy was generous with his affection and knew how to prompt joy. Prior to COVID19 he spent weekdays in Windsor, Ontario Canada taking care of his Grandpa better known as “Da” and supervising his Grandma.

Timmy brought the gift of comfort and a private peace. Because his grandpa was a researcher Timmy decided to become a research participant and was the 24,674th member of the DOG AGING PROJECT PACK. He encourages other dogs and owners to participate as the goal of the Dog Aging Project is to understand how genes, lifestyle, and environment influence aging to help pets and people increase health span and the period of life spent free from disease. loved being with Katie and Greg. He loved going to Kensington and Maybury Park where he hiked and patiently sat beside Katie as she meditated in the quiet woods. He attempted agility courses (hmmmm-he just could not get out of Level I—those darn weave poles are not easy when you are big!!). Timmy preferred loving us more than participating in athletics. He enjoyed walking or else just stretching out and lying down. Timmy was very good at overseeing Katie while she worked and loved that she taught on a virtual platform!! He faithfully attended all of the Frontier Nursing University meetings and classes; however, he was often found sleeping during sessions that bored him. Timmy loved Katie’s scholarship focus which is integrative healthcare topics and was along her side as she worked on her presentations. Timothy was so happy she focused on therapies that can assist with stress, coping and building resiliency. His favorite topics (as he could participate in them) were: Nature therapy and Forest Therapy (Shinyin-Roku), acupressure and acupuncture. Timmy’s favorite TV show was, of course, in support of Katie’s profession–the popular PBS show Call the Midwife (he is pictured below w his Trixie and Chummy friends).
Timmy loved Greg and was as constant in his love as the sun rises each day. Greg and Timmy adored their alone time for their morning routine. Timmy will be remembered for being able to stare down Greg for many extra treats—Timmy had a talent in finding the ‘weak link’ in the room for added food (his grandma must be added to this list as well!). Timmy is survived by his kitty brothers (Kona and Koji) whom he loved yet chose to ignore and his adoring little brother (Willie Nelson) . Timmy we celebrate you and your fabulousness—we will reunite someday at Rainbow Bridge. Thank you to Dr. Ann Cavender from Salem Vet Services for many years of care, Dr. Michael Petty and everyone at Arbor Pointe Veterinary over these last 3 years when Timmy needed increased assistance for mobility and discomfort from arthritis and neuralgia. Great thanks to Dr. Lauren Bailey Mobile Veterinarian Services for helping Timmy while in Windsor. Lastly, thank you to Crossroads Veterinary Hospice for your assistance so that Timmy could pass away with love and peace at our family home in Novi. His life and death were good. Thank you to all that cared for him—he cared for you! Timmy knew he could lumber up, grin, and wiggle his butt and we would smile. Any troubles we thought we had were lessened. All he asked in return was two meals a day…. AND OUR ENTIRE HEARTS. Our Timmy helped everyone to see that much of what we need to know entails love, companionship, kindness, loyalty and patience. Rest in peace my sweet dear Timmy—I will miss you so very much. Katie xo

LESSONS I learned from My Dog (author unknown):
NEVER stop playing
WAG more BARK less





Brody and Candi