Crossroads Veterinary Hospice

Quality Of Life

Our highly trained staff is here to support you.


This is a one-hour, virtual appointment with our Hospice Nurse to assist you in navigating the challenges of caring for your pet. Changes in your pet’s health can be overwhelming whether it is associated with normal aging, terminal disease, chronic pain, cognitive decline, or any combination of these. You may be experiencing an array of feelings as you notice changes in your pet’s current quality of life and begin to face the reality of their mortality.

A review of your pet's history and current medications

During a virtual visit, while we are unable to diagnose your pet, it helps us to know what is already known about your pet’s current condition and if there is a known diagnosis. A doctor can help you understand what is happening with your pet.

A discussion of quality of life and signs of pain in your pet

A thorough understanding of your pet’s condition and quality of life is important to help you make decisions for your pet. Many families worry about pain and suffering at the end, making it crucial to identify the signs of pain. We’ll talk you through all of this.

Help planning for euthanasia

“You’ll know when it’s time.”

We find this to be so terribly confusing for so many families. For many, this is simply not true. We will help you know how to plan and prepare. We’ll discuss what to expect during euthanasia and available options. We’ll review some decisions for arrangements after your pet passes.

Support for children and other pets in the house

Worry about the loss of your pet is compounded when there are children or other pets in the household. We offer resources and advice for how to help them before and after the loss.


Simply give us a call at 734-751-0594 or submit the online form on our homepage to schedule a visit.

Please note that during a virtual visit, we can not diagnose, treat or prescribe medications. If you decide you would like us to provide hospice care, the virtual visit will be followed by an in home visit to allow us to examine your pet and provide a treatment plan.